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Buhari Directs CBN, Finance Ministry to Release Second Tranche of Paris Club Refund to States

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President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, to act appropriately and with dispatch in releasing the second tranche of the London-Paris Club refunds to the states in order to ease their financial hardships.

The President, who addressed the meeting of the National Economic Council made up of State Governors and chaired by the Vice-President on Thursday in Abuja, however, made a strong case for settlement of unpaid salaries and pension liabilities of their workers.

“I will not rest until I address those issues that affect our people. One of these basic things is the issue of salaries. It is most important that workers are able to feed their families, pay rent and school fees, then other things can follow,” he said.

President Buhari, who went round the Council Chambers to greet the governors one after another, praised the unity of the Forum of State Governors. He thanked them profusely for their display of “love and respect” to him.

The President said he was overwhelmed by his recent experience in which states, irrespective of political differences charged their citizens to pray in mosques and churches for his well-being and apologized to Governors for barring them from visits to him while he rested in London.

“I didn’t want government to move to London. I wanted it to remain here and I am glad it did,” he said.

After narrating what he went through while on that vacation, President Buhari noted the suggestion by the Governors for him to add more rest, but insisted that he would remain relentless in the pursuit of the interest of the Nigerian people at all times.

This, according to him, was the only way to show his gratitude to the people who, he said, “had given so much to me. I was overwhelmed by the celebration of my return all across the country.”

The Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Abdul-Aziz Yari of Zamfara State assured the President, on behalf of his colleagues, that they will continue to support his policies and actions which they had adjudged as being in the nation’s best interest.

The governors of Imo, Akwa-Ibom, Osun and Abia States thanked President Buhari for saving the day for states through the first tranche of the London-Paris Club refunds while calling for the immediate release of the second one.

They also commended the trust the President reposed in the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, whom they said did not disappoint when he acted as President.



x-Adamawa governor Ngilari jailed five yrs over corruption.

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A Yola High Court on Monday sentenced a former Governor of Adamawa state, Mr James Bala Ngilari, to five years in prison without the option of fine. He was found guilty of the corruption charge filed against him by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The case was filed in September 2016.

The court presided over by Justice Nathan Musa, acquitted the former Secretary to the State Government, Mr Andrew Welye, and Former Commissioner of Finance, Mr Sunday Lamurde, who stood trial with the former governor on same offenses of 17 count charges.

Delivering judgement, Justice Musa, said that the prosecution had proven beyond reasonable doubt that Ngilari violated the Public Procurement Act of the state by awarding contract for the procurement of 25 vehicles for his commissioners at the cost of N167 million without following due process.

He said Ngilari’s action amounted to executive lawlessness. Musa said that the five years was the least he could give Ngilari, whose lawyer, Mr Samuel Toni (SAN) pleaded for leniency “in view of his (Ngilari) invaluable contribution while he was the governor of the state during the trying moment of insurgency.

”Musa said that Ngilari would serve the sentence in the prison of his choice in the country “but for now he should start with Yola prison.”

Musa expressed hope that the conviction and sentence of Ngilari would serve as a deterrent to serving governors who engage in doing things without following due process. “It is my hope that this conviction and sentence will serve as deterrent to serving governors..”

The judge however discharged and acquitted Welye and Lamurde, saying that the prosecutor could not prove the case against them. Ngilari told newsmen before he was taken away from the court that he would appeal the sentence.



Acting President Yemi Osinbajo said he would speak to President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday on the outcome of the National Security Council meeting he presided over.

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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, Minister of Defence, retired Brig- Gen. Mansur Dan-Ali; Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed and service chiefs, during a security meeting at the State House in Abuja yesterday.

Addressing State House reporters after the meeting, Osinbajo said the fact that he received briefings from the security chiefs did not indicate that Buhari would not return soon from his medical vacation in London.


“No no no! Almost every month, these briefings are held, it is routine and it is the president who put in place this whole idea of regular briefings. It is even more important that we do so because of some of the issues arising like the cases of kidnappings, and I wanted the IG to inform us fully. Besides, the president is a process person and certainly, I am going to speak with him on developments here.


“So, it’s not an indication of anything. It’s only an indication that we’re committed to the security of the nation. The primary duty of government is to protect lives and properties, and that’s why we have to be regularly briefed. The good thing is that our men are doing extraordinarily well in the Northeast and that Southern Kaduna has also been contained. The peace building process is also going on very well,” he said.


Osinbajo, who affirmed that Boko Haram terrorists had been degraded, however stressed that the war had not ended yet.


The acting president said the Federal Government was still vigilant because of the terrorists’ capacity to do damage with suicide bombers.


Expressing satisfaction with what the military had done so far, Osinbajo said the briefing had shown “graphically that they are really on top of their game and that they are doing excellently well in the North east.”


Defence Minister Mansur Dan-Ali declared that the country was now very safe as all security challenges have been surmounted.

Naira gains strength against pound, euro at parallel market

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The value of the Nigerian Naira on Monday, February 27, stayed unchanged against the American Dollar at the parallel market.


Recall that the Naira had gained 40 points to trade at N460 per dollar rate from N500 on Friday, February 24, a rate it has maintained.


However, the local currency has appreciated against the Pound Sterling to trade at N565 from N575 and strengthened against the Euro to trade at N470 from N480.

Naira which rose to an all time high of N522 to the dollar last week Monday had gained N62 by the weekend to sell at N460 to the greenback. The apex bank had sold $370.9 million dollars on Tuesday, February 21 and another $1.5 million on Thursday, February 23, sending the value of the Naira up.


According to financial experts, the local currency will continue to appreciate if the status quo is maintained.


“There is always a restriction point beyond which the exchange cannot cross except there is a huge forex inflow to breach that ceiling,” a currency analyst at Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Kunle Ezun, said.


“The Naira will gain further but it won’t be like last week’s own.”

Nigeria has been running short of dollars as its oil revenues have fallen along with the price of crude.


The local currency has plummeted in 30 years from 60 kobo=$1, when Nigeria could not be described amongst the world’s poorest, even when our $17billion reserves is the highest in 30 years.


Meanwhile, you can check out’s Bureau De Change ‘market’ here for the best rates on foreign exchange.

Labarun Hausa

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Gwamnatin jihar Kano ta aurar da zawarawa mata da maza sama da 1,500 a karshen mako.

Gwamnatin jihar ce ta dauki nauyi aurar da mutanen a wani yunkuri na ragewa iyayen da ba su da karfin aurar da 'ya'yan su hidima, da kuma rage yawan marasa aure a jihar.

Ba wannan ne karon farko da gwamnatin jihar Kano ta fara aurar da zawarawan ba, an faro wannan aikin ne tun zamanin tsohon gwamnan jihar wato Injiniya Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso.

A wannan karo an zabo sama da mata da maza talatin a kowacce karamar hukuma da ke jihar, wanda kuma gwamnati ita ce ta biya kudin sadaki da kuma sanyan kayan daki ga ma'auratan.

An gudanar da daurin auren ne bayan da aka tantance ma'auratan ta bangaren lafiyar jikinsu da kuma hankalin su baki daya.

Wannan lamari dai na irin dauren wannan aure na sa matasa su natsu kuma ya kare su da yin zinace-zinace.


Rundunar Sojin Najeriya ta sanar da kame wasu ‘yan kasar Chadi uku da take zargi da shirya kai harin bama-bamai a garin Gombe.

Daraktan yada labaran rundunar sojin kasa na najeriya brigadiya Janar Sani Usman Kukasheka, ya ce sun yi nasarar kama mutanen uku ne tare da rundunar ‘yan Sandan farin kaya ta DSS, kuma sun fito ne daga bangaren Albarnawi, daya daga cikin jagororin kungiyar Boko Haram.

Daraktan ya bayyana sunayen mutanen da suka hada da Bilal Muhammed Umar da Bashir Muhammed da kuma Muhammad Maigari Abubakar.

Lokacin samamen da rundunar sojin ta kai daya daga cikin yan kungiyar ta Boko haram mai suna Bilal Muhammed ya yi kokarin tserewa yayin da rundunar sojin ta harbe shi a kafa, wanda yanzu haka yake karban magani.

Mutanen da ake zargin an kama su ne da bama-bamai wanda yanzu haka ake gudanar da bincike a kan su.


Hukumar tsaron farin kaya ta DSS ta yi awun gaba da tsohon gwamnan jihar Benue Gabriel Suswan jiya lahadi a gidansa dake Abuja, bisa zrginsa da mallakar makamai, da filaye da kuma wasu motocin alfarma ba bisa ka’ida ba.

Gabriel Suswan jigo ne a jam’iyar PDP, kuma tsohon dan majalisar wakilai ta tarayya kana ya taba rike mukamin gwamnan jihar ta Benue sau biyu.

Makaman da hukumar ta DSS ta chafke a gidan tsohon gwamnan sun hada da karamar bindiga mai suna pistol guda, da bindiga Mini-Uzi guda, da kuma bindiga kirar AK47 guda tare da tarin albarusai.

Wata sanarwa da jami’in yada labaran hukumar Toyin Opuiyo ya fitar ya bayyana cewa sun samu wasu muhimman takardu guda 21 da kuma makullai guda 45 na motocin alfarma da aka samu a gidan tsohon gwamnan Gabriel Suswan.


Kungiyar manyan jami’an jam’iyun gama kai da kuma ma’aikatan kamfanoni mallakin gwamnati sun bukaci gwamnatin tarayya data sanya kudaden da aka kwato daga hannu barayin gwamnati a bangaren bunkasa tattalin arzikin najeriya.

Hakan na kunshe ne a cikin takardar bayan taron da kungiyar ta gudanar a Abeokuta, dauke da sa hannu shugaban kungiyar Muhammad Yunusa da kuma sakatarensa M.O Abogonye.

Kungiyar ta bayyana cewa in har gwamnati ta sanya kudaden a bangaren bunkasa tattalin arziki, to hakan zai farfodo da tattalin arzikin kamar yadda ya dace.

Kungiyar ta kuma bukaci gwamnati data yi la’akari da yadda mutane ke rasa aiyukansu da kuma wadan da ke fuskantar rasa aiyukansu a kasarnan.


Kungiyar masu gudanar da bincike a dakunan kimiyya ta kasa, sun nuna goyon bayan su ga yunkurin yaki da cutar zabbabin cizon sauro a kasarnan.

Mambobin kungiyar sun nuna goyon bayan ne a karshen mako lokacin taron kungiyar na shekara ta 2017 wanda ya gudana a jihar Delta.

Sun bayyana cewa cutar zabbabin cizon sauro na barazana ga kashi 97 na yan najeriya, wanda hakan ke janyo rasa rayuka dubu 300 a kowacce shekara a fadin najeriya.

Mambobin kugiyar ta masu gudanar da bincike a dakunan kimiyyar sun bayyana cewa wannan lokacin ne na waywayar halin da dakunan binciken kimiyya na asibitocin kasarnan ke ciki, don ganin an ingatasu ta yadda zasu rinka aiki kamar yadda ya dace.


Hukumar Kula da ‘Yan gudun hijira ta Majalisar Dinkin Duniya ta ce 'yan kasar Sudan ta kudu dubu 32,000 suka shiga kasar Sudan a cikin wannan shekara kawai, dan tserewa tashin hankali da kuma yunwar da ya dabaibaye kasar.

Wannan na zuwa ne a daidai lokacin da gwamnatin kasar ta bayyana cewar mutane sama da 100,000 na fuskantar tsananin yunwa a kasar.

Hukumar kula da yan gudun hijira ta Majalisar Dinkin Duniya ta ce hasashen ta na da, ya nuna mata cewar mutane 60,000 ake saran za su shiga Sudan a wannan shekara, amma adadin da aka samu yanzu haka ya nuna cewar ba haka abin yake ba.

Hukumar tace ana fargabar tabarbarewar al’amura wajen samun abincin da za’a ci a Sudan ta kudu ganin yadda tuni aka bayyana samun yunwa a kasar.

Sanarwar hukumar ta nuna cewar, wasu daga cikin yan gudun hijirar sun ce sun kwashe kwanaki 5 zuwa 7 suna takawa da kafafuwan su dan isa iyakar Sudan ta Jihar White Nile, kuma kashi 90 na bakin mata ne da yara kanana.

Hukumar tace yanzu haka yan sudan ta kudu 330,000 suka shiga Sudan tun fara yakin kasar.




Acting President moves to restore sanity in the Niger Delta, releases 9 arrested agitators

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- Acting President Yemi Osibanjo has released nine Niger Delta agitators who were arrested inn the renewed militancy in the volatile region


- Spokesman of Ijwa Youth Council, Eric Omare, applauded the Acting President for such move


- Omare said despite the release of the nine, there are still others yet to be released


Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday February 23, 2017 made a great move as he was alleged to have released nine Niger Delta agitators who were arrested and detained in connection with renewed agitation in the Niger Delta.

In a statement signed and made available to journalists in Delta, spokesman of the Ijaw Youth Council, Eric Omare, said the released agitators were handed over to the Delta state police command by the Joint Military Task Force before being let go on Thursday.


Omare said the released agitators include ex-militant leader, Mr. Goddey Smith Bounanawei (alias King of the Forest) and nine others including Peremor Ekpesegba, Akpos Livinus, Monday Ebimene, Churchilll Agbelogode were released.

He commended Acting President Yemi Osinbanjo for heeding to the demand of the IYC and other stakeholders in releasing the ex-agitators who were arrested in connection with the renewed agitations in the volatile Niger Delta region.

It would be recall that the IYC President, Udengs Eradiri, had during the fact finding visit of the Acting President to Oporoza in Gbaramatu area of Delta state and Yenagoa in Bayelsa state made a case for the release of those arrested in connection with the agitations in furtherance of the confidence building process.

However, the IYC noted that some other Niger Delta youths arrested for same purpose are still in detention.


Omare said some of those still in detention are ex-militant leader Aboy Muturu; Niger Delta activist, Ezekiel Daniel; IYC Abuja chapter Spokesman, Alex Odogu and others.

Consequently, the IYC called on Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to order the release of those still in detention, noting that this would further strengthen the peace process in the Niger Delta region.

But the Delta state police public relations officer, Andrew Aniamaka, told that there was no presentation of arrested agitators to the state police command, let alone setting free anybody from the command headquarters.


He said: “Yesterday, we had a press conference, if there was such, we would have known and relay it to the press. The over 60 journalists who were here yesterday left late. They would have captured it if we had received such. That is not true, we never got such.”